Character Development

When writing, some characters are easy to craft and define. They are clear in your mind and their main characteristics are evident as you write their story.

Then there are the other ones.

They are difficult, elusive, and secretive.

Those are the ones you may want to use a character development worksheet with.

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What is a Character Development Worksheet?

A character development worksheet is a tool to getting a good look at your featured characters in your story.

This worksheet will help you define the physical appearance of your characters.  What color is their hair? What color are the eyes? What is their skin tone like? Are they tall, short, thin, fat, muscular, pudgy?

Ven Diagram Character

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You’ll find worksheets also help you understand the space in which your character operates. Where do they live and work? What country, town, neighborhood? What does the building or room do they spend their time look like?

Another way these worksheets are useful, is in defining or understanding their state of mind. What motivates them? What discourages them? Do they thrive on interaction with other people or does that stress them? What sort of things do they do to escape their reality?

Chacter Reference Sheet title

I’ve developed a simple Character Reference Sheet. This tool will help you begin to understand your characters.

Use this worksheet for each of your characters. Spend some time answering these questions and you’ll have a better image of each one in your mind.

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Word of the Year ~ Innovate

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I know many people do, but heard a statistic that something like 30% of people failed to keep their resolution within the first month.  In the past I’ve made resolutions, but ended up in that 30%, so decided to select a Word of the Year instead.

Innovate 04

Picking a word for the year allows me to manage my business, craft, social and personal lives along in one direction without having to feel like I’ve failed when resolutions fell through the cracks.

Why Pick a Word for the Year?

Picking a word for the year can be challenging. You’ll want to find a word that resonates with all aspects of your life. Or at least a focus for one part of your life.

I’ve picked a single word most years and applied it to my personal and professional life arenas. However, one year, I couldn’t decide on a single word. I picked several words that felt right for different aspects of my life.

The word selected becomes a sort of theme for the year.

Innovate 02

This Year’s Word = Innovate

Innovate – to create, to make changes, use new methods, new ideas. To introduce as new.

So this year, I’m open to new ways of doing things. I’m going to take a new approach to the things I do every day. I will look for a different way to complete tasks. I will be on alert for ideas that don’t fit the mold.

Innovate 01

Previous Words of the Year

In the past, I’ve selected these words:





And the common ground for all those words… they are Verbs.

Why verbs?  – they are action words and therefore will drive my activities, my actions and reactions.

Innovate 05


Yes, I’m using my word of the year to become more creative. I plan to unlock the secrets of creativity by looking at problems from a new perspective.

I will look to see how I can innovate the usual solutions into a new way to accomplish a  goal.

Innovate 03

What is your word of the year?

Do you have a word that you are living by this year?

Are you ready to move into this year with new views and expectations?

You can choose your own word, or you can join me in using “Innovate”.

Pick a word and let me know what word you’re living by this year in the comments below.


PS – If you would like some help in selecting a word, reach out to me. I’ll work with you to find a word that fits with your goals.

You can contact me here.

If you’d like to dig deeper into your creativity path, I’ll be glad to work with you in a private setting. Find out more details here. 


10 Ways to Overcome Writers Block

Every writer or artist experiences a block. It is bound to happen at some point in their career. They don’t know what to do next. The blank page or blank canvas stares at them.  They become intimidated and frustrated.

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The challenge is getting past that block and moving into something productive. Here are ten ways to overcome that writer’s block.  Note: these steps will work for musicians and artists, too!

  1. Go do something else. Preferably something mundane and mindless. Wash some dishes, fold the laundry, mow a yard, weed the garden, take a walk, exercise. All of those things require very little thought and you can accomplish the tasks nearly unconsciously. This allows your brain to work on the creative problem while you are busy.
  2. Ask a child to help you solve the plot problem. What has got you stuck? See what an 8 to 10 year old comes up with to get you out of that jam. Children at this age are very creative and not constrained by many “laws of reality”.
  3. Read a book in a similar or vastly different genre. Give yourself a chance to unwind and distress.
  4. Scribble. Make a pattern of inkblots. See what inspiration you can find in the Rorschach forms you dribble across the page.
  5. Make something that requires a lot of chopping, vegetable soup for instance. Take your frustrations out on the veggies and return to writing after you have eaten. You will be amazed at how much more creative you are when calm and fed!Writers Block 01
  6. Pick up another project and work on that instead.
  7. Pay some bills, balance the checkbook and call your mom.
  8. Go sit outside and watch the clouds roll by. If it is too cold, hot, wet, and stormy or something prevents you from going outside, stare out the window at the clouds. Play the game of turning clouds into shapes and creatures.
  9. Pretend that Superman or Wonder Woman walks into the chapter you are struggling to write. How does their appearance change the scene? Write that out. See if something comes out of that exercise that you can actually use in the chapter.
  10. Take a nap. Often creativity is drained when energy is zapped. Refreshing your batteries will provide a new perspective on your project.

The largest frustration comes when you try to force words to flow. Don’t allow yourself to reach that point. Recognize writer’s block for what it is. Then move on. Come back to writing when you are ready to try again.

The good news is that this sort of challenge tends to be temporary. There have been no fatalities from blocked creativity. You are bound to get back on track.

Still blocked? Want personal guidance on how to re-ignite your creativity? Work with me; find out how I can help you.


10 Unusual Writing Prompts

Are you stuck in a dry spell? Did your writing muse leave you stranded on an island of wordless-ness? Try one or more of these ten unusual writing prompts to get the words flowing again.

blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table
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Once you have written a couple of paragraphs or even just a handful of sentences about these topics, you’ll be ready to tackle your Work-In-Progress with all kinds of new creativity.

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Re-Ignite Your Creativity

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Action is Eloquence ~William Shakespeare


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